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Christa Stehens, LLC

Investment Planner


Get control of your finances and learn more about investing with this easy-to-use Investment Planner. This instant download features an Investing Market Watch List, Investment-Check-in, Investment Plan, and Investment Resources to help begin your journey to learning more about investing. This kit will help you set investing goals, get clear about your motivation to achieve them, document potential stocks, track your accounts, and so much more.


    • You get 4 planners:
      • Financial Goals
      • Debt Tracker
      • Budget Tracker
      • Savings Goal
    • Can be printed and placed in your binder
    • Minimalist Design - clean and functional layout
    • Unlimited Prints - print endlessly for your PERSONAL USE!
    • Ink-friendly - minimalist branding elements
    • High-Resolution PDFs - files are scalable without loss of quality