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Christa Stehens, LLC

Self - Discovery Journal


Evolve your sense of self with this 37-page journal that has over 90+ hyperlinks. Reflect on your life, write notes and make observations about what you've been doing, what you want and need to do to be happy. As a Creative Entrepreneur, you need to see your thoughts on paper and this journal does just that. With 30 days of writing prompts and a checklist for each day to hold you accountable, you can continue your journey towards self-discovery and personal growth today.

    • Designed for GoodNotes & Notability Planner 
    • Nude color palette
    • Intuitively hyperlinked with over 90 links
    • 30 days of writing prompts
    • 37 beautifully designed pages
    • Checklist for accountability
    • Blank journal pages for additional writing
    • No lag between pages
    • Can be printed and placed in your binder
    • Minimalist Design - clean and functional layout
    • Unlimited Prints - print endlessly for your PERSONAL USE!
    • Ink-friendly - minimalist branding elements
    • High-Resolution PDFs - files are scalable without loss of quality