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Hey friends, I'm Christa!

I won't talk in third person...

Who are we kidding - you came here to see my work so you know I wrote all of this.


If this is your first interaction with me, hooray! I'm thrilled to virtually meet you! So here's a couple of cool things about me:

I am a Designer

I am a Strategist

I am a Creative

I also like UX Strategy, designing, gardening, landscaping, teaching people (I'm a yoga instructor), and science.

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Why should you buy my products?

Crafted with Experience

I'll spare you the ridiculously large industry words, but if you're interested, I'm a certified auditor and I learned how to plan for environmental disasters. Planning is my jam and I like to make it look nice! Let me show how you can get started too.

Mindfully Created Products

Running your business is already difficult, along with everyday tasks - I know because some days are a struggle bus for me too. Every product that I create keeps you as the main focus. I don't create products that I wouldn't want to use - because that's lame.

People Like My Work

Somewhere down the line a customer told another customer that they enjoyed my business tools! I produce environmentally friendly products that people really like with great customer service. I plan to keep this going for years to come!

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